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The Team

Laila Ishaq

Laila is a dynamic facilitator in the areas of culture, strategy, innovation & leadership. She leverages divergent thinking to create an atmosphere needed for her customers to experience triumph. Nearing 2 decades of experience in the field of organisational development aiding organizations navigate process & nurture people.She is the first Pakistani female certified as a facilitator in the LEGO Serious Play Method by the Association of Master Trainers [Europe]. At her core she is in the business of people. Associating with a magnitude of multinational & local corporations, through mindful understanding of their businesses & aiding them in achieving their goals

Eric van Straaten

Erik has specialised in hospitality, customer experience, team-building, leadership development and gamification. He is a certified LEGO Serious Play facilitator, who focuses on creativity and authenticity. He guides people and companies to meet their highest potential and desired outcomes, by strategically thinking and functioning in a more service-oriented manner.
Erik, facilitating partner at Traineroo, is based in the Netherlands. He has unparalleled expertise and continues to prove it by exhibiting zeal and confidence through his virtual and in-person programs.

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